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The metal tiles are preferred by current buildings

Color tile current buildings are compared to the metal tile, mainly because of its special material performance, affected by natural disasters in contrast, is not influenced by any damage, is most reassuring, even in cold winter and it can be completely blocked outside, will not be cold air infiltration to the house, and room heating will not go out, to protect to the heat of the house, of course also does not penetrate the belongs to, because the habitability of metal tile roof has a more powerful.And leveling layer connection strong. Special modelling roof, such as arc roof, article well should be properly segmented to adapt to the roof shape, joint close as far as possible, with the roof at the two edges to screw steel screw fixation, if well length within 250 px - 2500 px, should add steel nail fixed in the middle. Install hang tile: each of the transverse elastic installation hang a tile, hang tile article and article well with nails fixed between each intersection with a nail, two article tile thru the with a nail fixed well, to ensure that the installed hanging in front of the tile article and straight, above article and well connected firmly. Install the ridge tile (including helical ridge) to separate installationArticle two above the main tile hanging tile tile article 4-25 px, the two hanging outside of the article along the width is determined in accordance with the width of ridge tile selected, round ridge tile, horn ridge tile is 350 px, the ridge tile is 25 px. To set aside for installing roof gutter where cullis. Article to a tile at gables wallboard to install mountain, the mountain wall panel width is 00 px. Tile strip width is greater than the width. Install gutter board: put roof gutter board reserved installed position, cullis boards of the two sides and connect each tile article with nail, two cullis lap quantity can not less than 250 px. Install the tile: main tile first shipped to the roof, toThe lapping width of the left and right two tiles is about 200px, and the lapping joints should avoid the local dominant wind direction.Ranked the forefront of tile to buckle along after discharge of the bulge, lap width about 00 px. With gutter and main tile to explore into the gutter board within 2 to 25 px. Main tile shop is good, in front of two curved edge (some tile for two hypotenuse) at the junction with self tapping screw, hanging, according to the horizontal direction should be fixed at bar, every piece of tile Lord fixed nail amount shall not be less than 4 pieces (if senior or slope roof, every piece of tile with a pin number not less than 6), two pieces of tile around set fixed. It must be installed ridge tile: main tile with ridge tile (including the main ridge and the oblique ridge) joint should set aside the rest 25 px the width of the cut offAnd fold up 25 px with nails fixed on the ridge tile hanging tile article, then ridge tile buckle on it, with a self tapping screw fixed on the two sides and tile, every piece of round ridge tile or horn ridge tile fixed 4 self-tapping screw, every piece of the ridge tile 000 px. Self-drilling screw spacing on both ends of the main ridge and oblique ridge side need to install special end cover, rivets used during installation. After installation of ridge tile to flat, no ups and downs, distortions, to make the roof contour neat and beautiful. 5. Processing: the roof tile Lord and in the first row of the roof tile article fixed with the self-tapping screw to be installed vertically, eaves with cornice, Richard stone, or cement mortar screeding. Two different slope roofIf the exposed part does not exceed 300px, you can use cornice;if it exceeds 300px, you can use flat plate to encapsulate.First of all, constantly improve product quality, truly safe, environmental protection.

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