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Why is colored stone metal tile better than traditional tile

Colored stone tile is a new type of metal building roofing tile, the waterproof effect, heat preservation and heat insulation effect is quite unique, with light weight, great strength, waterproof, anti-corrosion insulation flame retardant, heat insulation, and other excellent characteristics, widely used in the development zone ping change slope, shopping malls, residential area, the construction of new countryside residents luxury villa, wooden house, antique buildings, etc.

Stones metal tile chooses substrate aluminium zinc steel plate, covered a layer of high temperature sintering TaoHua colour sand, special acrylic resin ingredients, let the metal tile has good heat-resistant waterproof and cold resistance performance, and choose the material is enough to make tile has a longer service life and used will have a good feedback, metal tile in the industry has a good market feedback, choose metal roofing tile, for roofing presents the infinite beauty, fashion, traditional diversiform style can show, perfect after-sales service, to let users worry-free.

Compared with the traditional tile, the advantages of colored stone metal tile can be reflected:

1, and resin tile asphalt tile, stone metal tile service life as long as 50 years, can resist all kinds of extreme weather conditions.It is 100% flame retardant and can reduce the damage caused by fire.

2, compared with the glazed tile clay tile cement tile, stone metal tile light weight, easy to design and construction, reduce the weight of the building, in the earthquake can reduce damage;And greatly reduce the waste of land resources, is to comply with the national land protection policy of new building materials.At the same time, it can be reused, which is the only choice for green energy conservation and environmental protection.

3, compared with the traditional tile price is a lot more expensive, but it greatly saves the installation time and installation labor costs, service life is greatly extended, the class is also very high.Comprehensive factors, stone metal tile can be the king of cost performance.

4, and the most similar color steel tile, colored stone metal tile on the sand gives it more color and texture, can present a different architectural style, is the first choice of high-grade buildings with.

Colored stone tile as a new roofing material, did not let the majority of users disappointed, the price per square meter compared to the traditional tile has a very big advantage, which is also recognized by people the most important factor.

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